We don’t want a game room, we want more study space

by Eman Sahloul

Photo credit: Mike Krueger

Photo credit: Mike Krueger

A student previously expressed her concerns about plans to transform Krasa fireside into a game room, which still seems to be underway. Plastered atop the fireplace is a blueprint of the envisioned room, furnished with several table games and couches. The question on many students’ minds is what happens to all of that study space? What happens to all of those desks?

I believe that if the school administration took more time in considering the interests of students before making major decisions like this, it would be more beneficial to everyone. The University has previously taken into account the needs and wants of students by hosting town hall meetings or offering other outlets where students can voice their opinions. This time, however, it appears that the only news students received of a new game room was through unfounded rumors, and not many people were aware of the change until this semester.

Personally, Krasa fireside was the quietest area I could find to study in the entire school. After the fourth and fifth floor were taken away, students have struggled to find quiet space to study, let alone any space to study.  The third floor is barely a quiet area as students persistently chatter amongst each other and librarians answer phone calls, while Krasa basement is understandably buzzing with tutors.

Krasa fireside naturally became the unspoken quiet study space for many students, with the only occasional sound coming from the opening and closing of the outside doors.  By taking away Krasa fireside, students are left with even less room to accomplish the work that needs to get done. A university is supposed to provide students with ample space to study, not games. How did the administration miss this concept when taking this change into consideration? Why even change Krasa fireside if students were clearly utilizing it? Will there be more study space elsewhere to now compensate for this loss? It doesn’t seem so.

I generally believe that the school has the best intentions, but whether it has the interests of students as a priority is difficult to accept with the recent changes made. I hope that the school takes some of these words into consideration and reanalyzes this move. If the plans for fireside are far too established, then I believe some new plans should be initiated to provide students with more study space elsewhere.