America: Proud Melting Pot?

by Zeba Haseeb

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

America is known as the “melting pot” of the world. For many years now, we have immigrants from countries everywhere coming and settling in the United States. With them, they bring new ideas, cultures, religions, and unique traits that make America that “melting pot.” With that in mind, the Coca Cola commercial played during the 2014 Super Bowl this year became a very controversial topic around the country because “America the Beautiful” was sung in several different languages. Many citizens turned to twitter to vent about their hate for this classic song that defines our country and how in their eyes, it has been “destroyed” by different cultures sharing it in their own words.

               The entire country impatiently waits for the Super Bowl to come around every year. They sit around with their families and friends to watch the game, as well as the commercials played during the Super Bowl. The minute the Coca Cola commercial came onto the television, people did not hesitate to share their remarks with the world on twitter. One person shared “Hey Coca Cola, this is America, English please” with the hashtag SB48 (USA Today). According to some American citizens, the whole country should be speaking English. Exactly how is that possible if a large portion of the population of this country is from countries of different cultures and languages? Yes, it is true that the universal language is English, but does that also mean that people should hide their own language because of that? The “melting pot” comparison would mean absolutely nothing if that kind of attitude was shared by everyone.

Not all of the reactions to this commercial were heart breaking. One person expresses “Thanks Coca Cola, for reminding us that we are beautiful of and not in spite of our linguistic diversity” (USA Today). It is also great to see that people were appalled by the negative comments towards this attempt to unify the country. One twitter user shares “ashamed that people are upset by the Coca Cola commercial. We’re a melting pot ya’ll. I think it is a good portrait of our diversity” (USA Today).

Even though discrimination still lives in this country, it warms my heart to see people who reject discrimination and want to see a unified country. Most of the United States is made up all types of cultures, which makes this country what it is. For example, notice the food you are eating next time. You think Panda Express was invented by the “Americans” you so proudly speak of? Or even Pizza, which is a favorite shared in this country, is that also brought by the “Americans?” Our country has been influenced by all types of cultures, not just with food, but also with clothing and other devices we use in our everyday lives, and we don’t even care enough to notice. I think it’s time people learn to accept that people of other cultures are considered to be Americans too.