“A strong group of guys”

by Amanda Jarzynski


This spring is the second season for the men’s lacrosse team.  Their season begins at home on February 22nd against Calvin College.

According to head coach Jason Farrell, last season was a learning experience.  The team finished their season with seven wins and nine loses placing sixth in their conference out of eleven teams, with only 15 players on the team.  They were right in the middle of the group, which is where they wanted to be, according to Farrell.

“Last season was interesting,” said Farrell.  “It was a lot about survival and trying to get through.  We won some games we weren’t supposed to which was good.  We played some really good competition throughout the semester.”

Between seasons, some of the original players were forced to retire from the team either due to academic or personal reasons.  There were 10 new men added to the team for this coming season, who are showing promise.

“I think we’ve got a medley of guys that can fill the holes,” said Farrell.  “It’s almost weekly we have a different guy pop out of nowhere and me and my assistant coach look at each other a say ‘I didn’t know he could do that.’”

This year, the team goal is to make it to the Conference Tournament at the end of the season.  The top four teams in the conference make it into the tournament and coach Farrell is confident that his team has what it takes.

“We’ve got a good team this year and that is going to make us do well.  We don’t have one guy that we can just say ‘hey, put us on your back and take us home’ which really bonds them together as a team.  They share the load.”

As of now, the season schedule for the men’s lacrosse team is posted on the Benedictine Athletics website.