Summertime Festivals

By: Karly Sacco

No matter what style of music that you are into, performances of all kinds can be seen in the Windy City throughout the entire summer season. This is no surprise considering that it is nearly impossible to walk around anywhere today and not hear some sort of music playing in the background.  Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this and to saturate yourself with great music along with the warm, enjoyable temperatures. With this combination, you are bound to create memories at the various concerts that the city has to offer. The festivals kicked off right at the start of the season with the Chicago Jazz festivals in the middle of June. This event brought in a wide verity of people who understand that without the strong history of jazz music in Chicago, all of the rest of the music events to follow would not have the same soulful feeling.

But if Jazz is not your kind of music, there are other opportunities to catch other concerts. One of the biggest festivals that happen in the city of Chicago is none other than The Taste of Chicago that took place this year from July 10th through the 14th. When most people think about the taste, it is all about the food, but actually, every year there are pretty popular bands that draw a huge crowd downtown as well. This year, the Taste was a big hit, shocker right? It is not like singer/songwriter Robin Thicke preformed or anything. Oh wait never mind, he did! As he preformed his number one single “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke’s pop sounds filled the streets of Chicago. Also, he was not the only act at the Taste. Bands such as Robert Plant and Neon Trees rocked the stage that weekend.

Yes, the heart of the city is a fantastic area to find some of the best festivals for music; however, for some pop-punk rockers, they travel a little ways outside of Chicago to Tinley Park to a tour that has been going on for years. Vans Warped Tour attracts kids from twelve years old all the way up to grown adults. This rock tour has multiple stages usually set up in parking lots or fields for a lot of roaming-around room. The all day concert has non-stop music mostly of the pop-punk genre. For those rockers that do not quite feel like traveling to Tinley Park, let us travel back into the heart of the city to a little event called Lollapalooza that took place the weekend of August 2nd. Held in Grant Park, the view is breathtaking as you become one with the music and the culture of the city.  The three-day concert is a little pricey; however, for those who attend, money usually isn’t a concern when they are rocking out to their favorite bands on stage. If you didn’t have a chance to check out some of these concerts this summer, there is always next year!