Hey There BenU! Plain White T’s Rock Welcome Weekend

By: Amanda Jarzynski

Last Saturday night, Benedictine University welcomed Plain White T’s back to campus for their second BenFest performance.  Audience members enjoyed popular songs from Plain White T’s and their opening act, Vicci Martinez.

The Plain White T's

The Plain White T’s

Plain White T’s made their first appearance at BenU in 2011.  They said they liked it so much, they just had to come back and play on campus again, especially since some of the band members live so close to the Lisle area.

“I live in Elmhurst which is like a twenty minute drive from here,” said lead singer of Plain White T’s, Tom Higgenson.  “It’s a lot of fun to play at home and have your family and friends come out.”

Lines to get into the football field were formed before the gates would open.  People came from all around to see Plain White T’s perform.  Some were students from BenU while others came from places like Elmhurst and New Lenox.

“We know someone who works here, and they got us tickets because they knew we are fans of Plain White T’s,” said a college student from New Lenox alongside her best friend.  “We are so excited for them to sing ‘Should’ve gone to bed.’ It’s our favorite song.”

When the time came, the fans flooded through the gates and collected their snacks or souvenirs before taking their seats in the football stands.

With the sunset at her back, Vicci Martinez took the stage equipped with her electric guitar.  She pumped up the crowd with some of her famous songs like “Come Along.”  She even sang versions of songs she sang during the first season of “The Voice” such as “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

There was a calm lull among the crowd while they waited for Plain White T’s to make their appearance.  When the band finally took the stage, the cheers from the crowd mixed with the music was almost deafening.

The band opened their show with the song that most of the crowd wanted to hear first, “Should’ve gone to bed.”  The cheers from the crowd transformed into dozens of voices singing the lyrics right back to the band.

Plain White T’s kept the energy of the crowd flowing all night with their upbeat songs.  They welcomed BenU students back to campus and brought an end to summer vacation with one of their classics, “Hey There Delilah.”

BenFest 2013 brought together fans from all different communities.  There were many different people present, but they all had a common interest.  They were all fans who wanted to enjoy a nice concert under the stars.