“Breaking Bad” Review

By: Mariyium Abba

If the words “Breaking” and “Bad” don’t sound familiar to you, then you must of course be living under a rock. The hit AMC show’s return in August racked up an astonishing 5.9 million views according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Much of the popularity is due to the influx of Netflix owners who caught up with the series.

Breaking BadNot everyone thought that it would be a hit. I mean a show about a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White) linking up with his past student (Jesse Pinkman) to produce the purest meth in the drug world sounds a little bizarre. Early reviews of the series actually racked up some disappointing reviews. “The Chicago Tribune” didn’t think it was worth checking out.The Washington Post” said the show might be lucky to get a cult following. Little did they know “Breaking Bad” would be the phenomena it is today.

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind. The in-depth description of Walter’s coveted recipe for ultrapure methamphetamine has got people asking, “would this recipe work in real life?” “ ‘Breaking Bad’ does a really great job with the science,” says Jonathan Parkinson, an analytical chemist and blogger. “You can tell the writers have done their homework.” Thankfully, Walt’s formula does not hold any ground in real life, but the show is so brilliant, who’s one to complain about a few scientific flaws.

The final season of the show is currently playing every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on AMC. As bummed as viewers are to see it end, they’re also excited to see how it ends. Here’s a few interesting facts about the show for all you “Breaking Bad” fanatics:

R.J. Mitte plays Walt Jr., Walter White’s son who has Cerebral Palsy. Mitte actually has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy and he had to learn how to talk with a speech impediment for the show.

After the series wrapped up filming, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston (and about 30 crew members) got “Breaking Bad”-themed tattoos. Pretty awesome, right?

HBO, Showtime, TNT and FX passed on the chance to develop the series. FX actually began working on the pilot but dropped the show in favor of a Courtney Cox program called “Dirt,” according to

Aaron Paul who plays Walter’s number one man and apparently is the series heartthrob, Jesse, was actually a contestant on The Price is Right!

As fans anticipate the series finale, we all can agree on one mutual thing:

Please don’t kill Jesse! We love him!