Art Gallery Finds a New Home

By: Therese Porod

The sound of bells ringing at the Abbey, the smell of Krasa food in the air, and tons of bins piled up on the sidewalk waiting to be moved in. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Another year at Benedictine University, filled with old friends and new faces.

Art 3Benedictine University is not just another university on the map. It has a rich tradition and takes pride in its history. The people who have walked the same path as each of you have left a lasting legacy carried on for years to come.

For those of you who remember, last year there was controversy over the 5th floor of Kindlon, would it be a study area for students, administrative offices or something else? It was not until the spring that the destiny of the 5th floor would hold the history and the memory of a wonderful man, Father Michael Komechak.

Fr. Michael was not only a priest at St. Procopius Abbey, but he was a teacher, who inspired others to open their eyes to the beauty of art. His artwork can be seen in the brand new art gallery on the 5th floor of Kindlon. After opening the doors of this new addition to our campus, you feel as if you step into a whole new world. The artwork displayed is part of Fr. Michael’s collection, and even though he has passed on, his love of art will continue to live on.

The Candor believes that even though some students felt as though they needed more study space, the art gallery is the perfect fit. So we challenge each of you to stop on the 5th floor of Kindlon and experience a whole new world of beauty.

This year is not only a brand new start for some of you, but also a time to connect yourself in the rich tradition and legends of Benedictine University.