Student Senate President

by Amanda Jarzynski, Staff Writer

Benedictine elected Joe Ward as the new President for the Student Senate on Thursday, April 25th.

“I honestly feel great.  This is one of the best accomplishments of my life. It really is a dream come true to say the least,” Ward reacts to the news of the election.  “Every moment of hard work that I have put into to the community at Benedictine all ended up paying off.”

Already an active member of the BenU community, Ward has several ideas to make BenU a more exciting and safe campus to attend.

Ward said his overall goal is to make weekends more exciting on campus to provide students not only with a good education, but memories that will last a lifetime.  His ultimate goal is to start the Benedictine University Half Marathon.

“I really want to get the whole area involved in a 13.1 mile run around the Lisle/Naperville area,” Ward explained his idea.

Ward has some ideas to improve the living conditions on campus.  Previously, he has led the renovations of Ondrak Hall last summer.  He is still striving to make sure the dorm buildings are in the best condition they can be in for the residents.

“I also want to work on the food on campus too.  So that everyone is satisfied with dining options,” Ward said.  As of now, the only options for students are the CoalBen, the Cafeteria in Krasa, and the marketplace in Kindlon.

Keeping the students’ safety in mind, Ward has the idea to create a shuttle service for residents to get to and from campus unharmed.

“I am hoping the shuttle service will prevent drinking and driving to allow Benedictine students to take a shuttle rather than worry about drinking and driving,” Ward explained further.

Currently the Treasurer for the Student Senate, Ward will be sworn in as the President on Tuesday, April 30th.