Sarah’s Photography Spotlight



Life is simple, but sometimes we tend to complicate it. Life is beautiful, but sometimes we only focus on seeing the negatives. There is peace in the world, but sometimes all people can highlight is the destruction. If we only took but a moment to reflect upon our existence and the many blessings that surround us on a daily basis, we would realize that there is more love than hatred, more opportunities than sorrows, and more light than darkness in our world. Life simply is. It follows its own course. If we stop analyzing and fretting, envying and regretting, we can begin to find beauty in the day to day moments that make up life. When you give yourself to the moment, life can reveal itself to you. Nature is the first to reveal its beauty to the eyes that seek it. Take a moment and observe nature in silence; you will realize that words are not always needed. Watch how the ant never gives up trying to hold the piece of bread double its size; watch how over time green is added to each twig and branch of a once bare and empty tree. We are fascinated by words, but nature can tell stories. How the sky goes on without end can maybe teach our hearts infinitude. Slowly, we can realize again…that life is beautiful.