One step at a time

by Carrie Roberts, Pastoral Associate for Outreach 

Time flies! Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday you were moving in to your residence hall and beginning classes here at Benedictine?  Whether you are graduating this year and moving on to your next adventure, changing your major at Benedictine and continuing your studies, or you are gearing up for another year to see what the Benedictine experience will bring you, this time of year always brings with it an awareness of the unknown. The mystery you can find yourself in can be exciting, but also pretty scary too. 

As Catholics, our beliefs are steeped in great mystery. We do not believe we have all the answers to life’s questions. This is where our faith and trust in God comes in.  What we do believe, however, is that our faith will carry us through whatever situation in which we find ourselves. Part of the Benedictine tradition is recognizing God in the ordinary moments. In doing this we are not only reaffirming our faith, but we are living peacefully within the mystery of our lives.

 So, where have you found God today in your life? Is it possible to see God in the face of the beggar on Lower Wacker Drive or in a shopper in Downtown Naperville? These are the moments that create your journey – as blurry as the vision ahead may be sometimes. Your journey guides you to your destination. No matter how frustrating it may be to not know what the coming year may bring, I challenge you to continually notice God in the little events of your day. Allow yourself to trust that God is there. 

Sure, it is scary not knowing your next step in life. What will you do after you graduate? What will your major be?  Will you be able to land the internship you’ve been wanting? God only knows. Really. It isn’t easy to trust and believe that God is within the unknown – but it is possible. God is present in every step of our lives – Jordin Sparks reminds everyone of this in her 2008 hit One Step at a Time. “It’s your faith that makes you stronger, the only way you get there is one step at a time.”