Lying only hurts the liar

by Aisha Sarvana, Staff Writer

Common advice in regards to honesty is that the best part about speaking the truth is that you never have to worry about what you said. Benedictine University is established on a very strict Academic Honesty Policy that we are all aware of. Cheating and lying, especially in the academic setting, can have serious negative effects. By sticking by the truth, there are never any consequences in the long run.  If lying, cheating, and plagiarism are all frowned upon so heavily in academia and society as well, then why does it still happen?

One of the main reasons for cheating in schools is the competition for high grades.  Students in their undergrad are aiming for a high grade and are willing to do anything to achieve it. On the other hand, there are those students that lack motivation to work hard and would rather just copy and paste someone else’s work.  However, cheating and plagiarism can result in failure of that course along with other repercussions. The best option is to work hard and study hard for yourself. Do not rely on the smart kid in class, Google, or small notes on your hand to assist you in class. There is no reward in cheating anyway, as you do not learn anything.

Lying is another common problem that many of us are guilty of. Although it might not be affecting our academic careers, lying can definitely hurt our personal lives, our relationships and our personality.  To be a person of value and virtue, honesty is key.  It’s important to show yourself as who you are and never lie about it. Because, ultimately the only one you hurt with lies is yourself.  We all know sometimes a white lie is necessary here and there in those sticky situations. It’s the overall life you lead that should follow a path of honesty and truth. There is nothing more valuable than being genuine.  “Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.”