Artist Statement

By Sarah Jaber

photo 4(1)

From a distance, you may have made out this art piece to be a simple image of a fingerprint, but as you look closer you will notice that the fingerprint is created from sentences, phrases, quotes and words. This piece that I created over the course of two weeks is entitled “My Touch” for many reasons. While searching for things to paint or draw, we often look around the room or outside at nature for inspiration. For this art piece, I realized that art could also be seen within. We are walking, talking pieces of art. And although we are all different, we are all the same in that we are all human. Your hand looks like mine, your fingers look like mine, but your fingerprint and “your touch” are what make you unique. There is beauty in realizing that just because we are different, does not mean we are not the same. Our differences unite us rather than separate us, and our uniqueness only strengthens us.

Many of the quotes you will find in the fingerprint are ones that have touched me either intellectually or spiritually. Together, my art piece is like a mirror. It not only mirrors my physical fingerprint, as I actually used my real fingerprint as the blueprint, but it also mirrors the things I identify with. We are all comprised of many things that make us whole. In this sense, the many words on the page come together to represent and reflect pieces of myself. Like an onion, you can travel through the image in different levels. First you can see the fingerprint image, then the distinct lines, and then the many phrases that make it up. Being a representational image painted with media ink, I was really able to experiment and finally get the perfect interplay of words and overall image. My fingerprint is my story and so is yours. It tells of your experiences, where you’ve been, what you’ve touched, and who you are. So take a second and look at your fingerprint, no one else in the world is like you. So leave your touch.