By Aisha Sarvana

We have often heard that everything in life is about give and take and that it is important to find the balance between the two. It is unhealthy to just take and take and never give, as well as vice versa. Many of us complain about our student lives and the stress but are quick to forget all that we are blessed with. It is important to have that constant gratitude for being showered with so much, while there are many that have so little. That is another reason why giving back is so important. Being fortunate enough to be college students, there are numerous people our age that cannot afford basic schooling or even the bare necessities of life. By volunteering our time and money towards the less fortunate it not only serves as a constant reminder of what we have, but also leaves us content with the satisfaction of helping others.

So how exactly can you give back? Unfortunately, there are many people in need of bare necessities like shoes and water to money for education. There are numerous charities and organizations that are always looking for donors and volunteers, so the options are limitless. For those of us that want to work hands-on, there are many local places that are in need of volunteers as well. Loaves and Fishes, for example, serves as a grocery store for low-income families that cannot afford groceries. Located in Naperville, they are always in need for volunteers that are willing to dedicate time to a good cause.

Similarly, there are organizations everywhere you go that are seeking volunteers and donations.

It is easy to get caught up in our own lives and problems and forget about those that do not have as much as we do. By giving back and dedicating time to a good cause, not only can you benefit others, but also yourself. Appreciate all that you have and always keep yourself grounded. We are all blessed to be college students attaining an education today, so we can give back to society tomorrow.