Photo Spotlight

by Sarah Jaber


Could it be that sometimes your lenses are in focus but your image is blurred? Could it be that you cling to a certain way of thinking but fail to think about what that clinging really brings? Is it possible to think about thinking? What’s the best lens; what’s the best image? Is there one specific pair to wear all the time? Is there an image of the world that we should strive to envision? Brown eyes, blue eyes, round eyes, slanted eyes, we all see different. What we see creates the world around us and provides the blueprint for our thoughts. What we see becomes life. But take off the pair of lenses you are currently wearing as you read these lines. There is more to life than the images. Sometimes it’s the other way around, and instead of what we see creating life, we have life adjust how we see. In calamity we can begin to see hope; in despair we can begin to see opportunity. Now these lenses are hard to find because they are about the size of your fist and fit perfectly on your heart. These shades prevent the rays of the mind from casting their shadow over the beauty of the heart. These glasses can be yours when you let go of thinking and seeing in order to believe and simply start feeling with the heart.