Empty Talk: North Korean threats

by Hashim Arain, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, the country of North Korea has been issuing threats to the United States, as well as our allies. Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, has been releasing statements of fiery rhetoric which have been directed mainly towards the US and South Korea. According to Reuters, North Korea has been sending daily threats for over a month. According to MSNBC, these threats came soon after North Korea did a rocket launch in December. North Korea also conducted a missile test in February, which resulted in the United Nations imposing harsh sanctions on the country

Clearly, this is not the first time North Korea has stirred up controversy. Ever since Kim Jong Un took office over a year ago after the death of his father, he has ramped up his nuclear war rhetoric. According to the Washington Post, US Intelligence officials say that North Korea is only issuing threats because they want to get foreign aid, and Kim Jong Un wants to show the world that he has full control over his country.

Needless to say, these statements made by the North Korean regime have outraged the international community. Countries from China all the way to Britain have condemned the rhetoric and recent actions by North Korea. According to The Guardian, while the group of the eight richest countries met in London for their annual meeting, they took the time to condemn North Korea’s recent actions in the strongest possible terms.

I believe that this show by North Korea has made those involved fed up with this country’s behavior. The whole situation is distracting each country from their own problems, and causing them to have to deal with Jong Un’s immaturity. Yes, these threats should be taken seriously, just as any other threats. However, I personally don’t believe anything is about to happen. North Korea is doing this simply for foreign aid, and logically speaking, will probably not get any, since they are threatening every country that may have been able to help them.

The only thing that North Korea is gaining is isolation. They are isolating themselves from the international community even more than the country already is. The reason Kim Jong Un is doing such a thing is to gain people’s trust; and what better way to gain it than to threaten everyone they hate, right? Sadly, doing this will clearly not help the country in the long run, and it is easy to see that they have their own internal problems.

Mainly, North Korea is wasting everyone’s time and energy, and they obviously do no have the power to attack a country with their nuclear arsenal. They may in the future, but for right now, Kim Jong Un is doing nothing but exhibiting empty talk.