UNICEF hosts its first annual Hunger Banquet

By Farwah Rizvi

Jill Shah enjoys the UNICEF Banquet on Monday April 8, 2013Photo by Becca Flynn

Jill Shah enjoys the UNICEF Banquet on Monday April 8, 2013
Photo by Becca Flynn

Congo, Senegal and Syria were just some of the tables at the first annual UNICEF
Hunger Banquet. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about hunger and poverty, and
to fundraise money to donate to the Sahel region of Africa. Attendees filled the room to listen to
interesting speeches, eat a delicious dinner and bid on gift baskets for the silent auction.

The event started at 6:00 p.m., where guests checked in and had the option of getting their
photo taken by a professional photography service. Each guest was guided to a different table
where they could enjoy bread and ice cold lemonade.

“I think that the tables look so nice and the lemonade is so delicious,” said Ariba Hasan, a BenU freshman. The event started off with a welcome from executive board member and junior Ahsan Ahmad. He led everyone through a short presentation of what UNICEF has done this year.

“I was impressed with how much they have accomplished in one year,” mused freshman
Sydney Alonzo.

The next speech was given by next year’s president, Enela Aliaj. She gave attendees an
idea of what people go through around the world based on how much money they have. Each
attendee was divided into a group based upon wealth such as first class, second class and third
class. They were told to stand and then enlightened about what different lifestyles are like based
on their designated wealth.

“Is it is so sad how some people have so little,” said Nazish Mirza.

Dinner was then served, which consisted of a choice between a vegetable entrée and a
dish of chicken in lemon, butter sauce. Dessert got many people excited, as it was a slice of
luscious chocolate cake. During dinner, guests enjoyed the piano styling of both Amina Aslam and
Philippe Jorrand.

Throughout the event, attendees were encouraged to go up and look at the
different gift baskets displayed in the silent auction. At the end of the event, winners were announced.

Finally, the event was wrapped up with a closing by current president and vice-president Thuy-Vu Do and
Mickey Quoc Huynh. They graciously thanked attendees, volunteers and board members for
their support. To find out more about UNICEF, contact them at