By Sara Haque

Women have many different kinds of body type. Here are the top threePhoto Credit: Dallas Dance Music
Women have many different kinds of body type. Here are the top three
Photo Credit: Dallas Dance Music

We are all different shapes and sizes. Whether we are tall, short, skinny or curvy, it is our job to dress appropriately. Being 5 feet tall, I always get intimidated by flared denim and fitted blazers. I always told myself that because of my size I could never pull off anything structured. Recently, I decided to take a stand and try on a well-tailored blazer, and to my surprise it looked amazing!

A big mistake many of us make is judging pieces of clothing by how it looks on a hanger or a mannequin. This is what I refer to as “wrong fashion analyzing.” A mannequin’s body form is a lot slimmer, and if you peek behind them, the garments are usually pulled with pins for a fitted appearance. I am always a victim of this especially while online shopping. I will look at a photo of clothing I like, thinking it will look the same as it does on the model, until I look at the bottom and it says the model is 5’11.

For some, shopping for the right shape can be difficult. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect size.

Tip for top heavy: If your upper body is a little wider and you have slimmer legs, then try to bring the focus to your legs. Try staying away from structured coats and baby doll style tops. Instead, try a belt to draw in the narrow area of your waist. Also, skinny style bottoms will cause unbalance to the complete outfit. Flared pants or a pencil skirt regular or high waist will bring balance overall.

Tip for bottom heavy: It is the complete opposite for you! Try bringing focus to your upper body with structured tops and slimmer pants.

Tip for straight shape: If your body shape is just straight up and down, have no fear, there is a way to create an illusion of a fuller shape. Incorporating textures such as fringe and ruffles can add movement as well as adding shape. Also wearing fitted pants or looser pants such as harem or flared can bring the illusion of a defined shape.

All of our shapes are beautiful. There is no need to hide behind loose clothing or settle for styles we do not like. There are so many ways to embrace the shape and size we are, and the one tip I can swear by is remembering to balance your outfit. Remember to balance the shape, pattern and texture and you’ll be set!