Flood in Birck Hall

By Therese Porod

Benedictine University police were contacted on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 26th to investigate a reported small flood on the 2nd floor of Birck Hall, according to Michael Salatino, Chief of Benedictine University Police.

Even though the flood was minor, a few of the display cases were slightly damaged in the Jurica-Suchy Museum due to the leakage of water under the wall, explained Salatino.

The investigation done by police revealed that paper towels were stuffed into sinks in the men’s bathroom, which caused the flood, Salatino continued to explain.

“There is no question that act was intentional or at best thoughtless,” stated Salatino.

Due to the flooding, campus services were contacted and the area was dried with the use of fans. A contractor was later brought in because there was a concern of mold remediation.

After observing the damage, it was found that there is no threat of mold.

“Our environmental partner did a courtesy inspection at no cost to us,” stated Mercy Robb, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at BenU.

University Police have taken precautions and preventative measures in regards to both incidents. According to Salatino, water flow alarms were installed on all chemical showers, which alerts police immediately when the shower is activated. Police are also working with campus services to possibly install automatic or timed shut-off facets for washrooms, explained Salatino.

Salatino went on to say that there has been an increase in faculty and staff “situational awareness to the potential of inadvertent or criminal acts.” Patrols and public awareness have also increased, in hopes of obtaining more information from the campus community.

“The larger issue is the intentional, inappropriate behavior that caused disruption to University property and operations,” said Robb.

Police are seeking any information regarding this incident, as well as the first Birck Hall flooding that occurred last semester.

“We have not determined that both incidents are connected, but our investigation continues and persons of interest continue to be interviewed,” continued Salatino.

There is still a $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to the identity and arrest of the person or people who caused the Birck Hall flood in October of 2012.