AMSA 5K Experience

By Malak Hamdan

On Sunday, April 7th, I attended my very first AMSA 5K run. And just so all of you know, a 5K is
equivalent to 5000 meters – roughly three miles. 
When I first arrived, I was somewhat surprised by how many people had signed up to run. It was quite
 nice to see so many of my peers participating in this great cause. There were many faculty and
 community members involved, as well. Even though it was a 5K “run”, most people did, in fact, walk. But 
this was expected, obviously, considering it is no easy feat to run three miles. Despite this, however,
 both runners and walkers cheered each other along. My friends and I ended up coming in first place!
 Just kidding. We were nowhere near first place, but it didn’t matter. Because when we reached the finish 
line, we were welcomed with cheers and congratulations. Overall, running/walking the 5K was a very fun 
experience that I will definitely be participating in again next year. Congratulations to everyone who 
made it to the finish line and helped in this fantastic cause!