Thriller of the month: The Call

by Dana Mourad, Staff Writer

Halle Berry stars in "The Call" out in theaters on March 15, 2013Photo Courtesy

Halle Berry stars in “The Call” out in theaters on March 15, 2013
Photo Courtesy

Scoring number 2 on the US Box Office list last week, the movie “The Call” will leave you speechless. Open in theatres since March 15th, it is currently being played in movie theatres across the area. The definition of a thriller, “The Call” does an excellent job at stirring up all the suspense, anticipation, and distress in 96 minutes. It’s open ending may leave you in a state of confusion, where you believe you understand the main plot but nothing in the film makes it clear to you. Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie:

Jordan Turner works as a 911 emergency operator. She receives a call from a young girl screaming that a man that has stormed her house and wants to kidnap her. Helpless to do anything other than listen to the girl and give her basic guidance on where to hide, a few days later it is revealed that the girl kidnapped had been found buried dead. Several months later, after recovering from her case, Jordan is back at work. A 911 call is received from another young girl claiming that a man that had tried to run her over had trapped her into his trunk and is driving them towards an unknown destination. Jordan feels it is her duty to do everything she can to save this girl. She gives her specific instructions of what to do to try to get somebody’s attention on the road that would facilitate locating the vehicle. Luckily, Jordan chooses to take extreme measures to save the young girl’s life and is successful at it.

During the last 20 minutes of the film, the entire plot is released. Michael Foster, the abductor, is the same man that had killed the girl several months previously when Jordan was on call. Michael’s younger sister had died of leukemia, and he had an emotional attraction to her. His psychopathic thinking has led him to kidnapping young girls that have similar colored hair as his sister’s, cutting their scalp along with the hair off, and placing it on a fake, plastic head that greatly resembled his sister’s. Unfortunately, this girl had looked exactly like his deceased sister.

“The Call” is definitely a movie I recommend for you to watch if you’re looking for that weekend, late night suspense! Catch it in theatres while you still can!