Threats of war from North Korea

by Donny Kendal, Staff Writer

In the recent months, North Korea has made a series of threatening statements and military preparations that are making some speculate that war is imminent.

According to a CNN article, the state-run media of North Korea said the country is preparing rockets to be placed on standby. Leader Kim Jong Un said this measure is in case “they make a reckless provocation with huge strategic forces.” The missiles’ targets are reported to be U.S military bases in the Pacific area.

Kim also has some strong words for South Korea. In a Reuters’ article, he said relations between the North and the South “will be entering a state of war.” Kim has also put missiles on standby that target locations in South Korea.

Much of this buildup is the result of military drills the U.S. has conducted over South Korea. BBC news reported that the U.S. was flying B-2 bombers in South Korea in the past weeks. Kim responded by saying the drills were “reckless” and that they threatened to “ignite a nuclear war” on the Korean peninsula.

This recent activity comes two weeks after an unusual video was released by one of North Korea’s propaganda outlets. Reported by Fox News, the video shows the city of New York being attacked. The video then says that America is “ablaze with the fire started by itself.”

Others say the statements and moves by North Korea are nothing more than a bluff. A senior official from the Obama administration told CBS News “North Korea is not going to war.” He said the country is still allowing an important commerce center to operate, which is a sign the leader is just “chest-thumping.”