by Mark Rubel, Staff Writer

It has been a roller coaster type of season for Chicago Bulls fans as they have been anxiously waiting for the return of the former MVP and the team’s superstar, Derrick Rose, to make his return.

It is now nearing the end of the season and the former MVP still has not made his long-awaited return to the court.  For the past couple of months, it has been the same story day in and day out.  He is feeling great but still not playing.  It has caused an everyday question to not only Bulls fans, but also every basketball fan around the world.  When is Rose coming back this season or should he just sit it out?

While no one knows the answer to that question besides Rose himself, it seems more and more likely that his return will wait until next season.  His team has been working hard all season long with what they have.  Not only has Rose been injured, but it seems like every game it is somebody new.

This season, Chicago has not looked like the team it has been the past two seasons.  Although this isn’t the same team it was the past two seasons, head coach, Tom Thibodeau, is still coaching his team the same way.

He is a hard-nosed coach who always believes his team has enough to win, but watching this team all year, do they really have enough to win even if Rose should return this season?  The answer many people would give is no.  However, that should not play a role on Rose’s decision whether or not to return this season.

There are many opinions out there about the superstar’s return, but I truly believe it would benefit Rose to come back this year just to help his confidence.  Will he be the same dominant player, at first? No, but just playing less minutes and working himself back to his old form will help him come back even better next year.

It seems as if the whole Rose situation has taken a toll on the players as the team has been struggling as of late, but do we blame them?  Like the fans, the players were expecting Rose to be back by now, and I believe  that has affected the team to a point.

With the type of players this Bulls team has, it will not take them long to get back on track, but it would be nice if Rose just came out and announced a decision either way.

We do not know if Rose will return to the court this season, but what we do know is that this Chicago Bulls team will not go down without a fight.