The innocent in Mali affected by political violence

by Hashim Arain, Staff Writer

The situation in the West African country of Mali has escalated immensely in the recent weeks due to ongoing violence in the past few months. According to, the violence began when Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure was attacked in a military coup. Coup leaders stated that this action was a response to the government’s failed efforts to put an end to the Tuareg rebellion, an ongoing issue in northern Mali. According to BBC, Islamic groups also enacted strict Islamic law, which limited the Malian people’s way in life, causing conflict.

French troops started a military intervention in January to weed out Islamist soldiers who were creating chaos in the country. CNN reported that Mali and Chad groups have joined France in this fight, and have made significant progress in fighting the Islamists in recent weeks. France was the first country to step up to the plate in this situation, and gradually, other countries followed. While some parts of Mali continued to be attacked, even now, Mali plans to hold an election in July. France plans on staying in Mali, attempting to keep the peace until the end of the year. Also, the UN will conduct a peacekeeping mission involving both combat and protection for the Malian people.

France did the right thing by intervening in the situation. They seem to have stabilized the conflict for the most part, which is sometimes all we can ask for. While there is still fighting going on in some areas, the country of Mali is in extremely better shape than it was before the French came to their rescue. Since the French intervened in Mali, others have joined their efforts to ensure that Mali is safe and secure.

British troops are in Mali to train Malian troops to continue fighting and defend themselves against Islamist troops trying to destroy them. These countries are making sure that, in the long run, Mali will be safe, and can defend them if another situation presents itself; and that’s the way it should be.

Looking at France’s best interests, I think it was right of them to get involved. France saw and knew what sorts of things were occurring in the country, and then they invaded. For the most part, their aid has been working so far. France was able to liberate the major cities that were under Islamic rule. And, while there is still some work to be done, they have made significant strides in the process of liberating the country.

Not only France, but all of the countries that are involved in this situation are doing a really good job of combating Islamist soldiers, and are doing so in an organized way. The French troops, as well as the others, were able to go to Mali with a mission in mind – to stabilize the situation – which they have succeeded in doing. We need to see more of this action from the international community, especially in places like the Middle East. It is truly great to see these countries stepping up to help these people in their hour of need.