Supreme Court hears same sex marriage cases

by Donny Kendal, Staff Writer

The United States Supreme Court finished hearing two cases that relate to the constitutionality of same sex marriage last week.

One of the cases is the result of the Proposition 8 vote that passed in California. Prop 8 was a vote that limited a marriage to being between only a man and a woman. The proposition was struck down by a higher court.

An NBC article says that it is possible DOMA, or the Defense of Marriage Act, could be struck down. The Striking down of DOMA “would be a huge victory” for same-sex couples said Paul Smith, a member of a Washington, D.C., law firm. The article continues to say that a number of justices questioned whether DOMA discriminates against same-sex couples.

It is also possible that the Supreme Court will not strike down DOMA. The Wall Street Journal reports the court may have its’ hands tied due to the “unusual journey” the cases took to get to the court. This could leave many Americans upset because DOMA may be upheld, even though the court found it “unconstitutional in substance.”

While the cases have recently received a lot of attention, the decisions by the Supreme Court will not be made until late June.