Senioritis at its best: Graduation is not too far away and the motivation is dwindling

By Aisha Sarvana

Coming back from spring break this year has been one of the most difficult tasks of life thus far. The one week of traveling, relaxing, and just living life quickly got us out of school mode. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that graduation is approximately forty-four days away. Most of us seniors have our post-grad plans settled by now. Some of us will be heading off to graduate school while others will join the workforce immediately. Having the constant reminder that we are about to step into the real life and the excitement involved with it, is causing the inevitable senioritis. There’s a lack of motivation to do homework, write essays, or even attend classes. We could all use that extra push at this point to keep us going and finish this semester strong.

One thing we cannot forget is that in order to graduate, we must pass all our classes.  College has taught many of us the depths of procrastination. However, many deadlines for papers, projects, and presentations are quickly approaching. The month of April will be a chaotic time for assignments and exams.  Make sure to delegate your time wisely. Keep track of all deadlines and plan ahead before they sneak up on you. Although sleeping in and hanging out with friends seems like a better alternative, attending classes is very important. Professors know when we are simply ditching class without a reason.  Maintain that social life and enjoy your last semester of undergrad, but also remember to prioritize.  Don’t let this last semester be the worst of your four years at Benedictine, but strive to make it the best.

Senioritis affects all of us. We are ready for the next step, but it’s not quite here yet. Savor and enjoy these last few moments and memories of college before it’s over.  Graduation and all festivities involved are just around the corner. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to think of what there is left to do, but keep walking towards it and do not slow down. The light at the end of the tunnel is only getting closer. Before we know it, we’ll be walking across stage in our cap and gowns.