Mother’s Day in Syria

By Ronia Aasar


Photo by HER

Many people living in the United States are probably not aware that last Thursday, March 20th, was Mother’s Day in the Middle East. For many of those living in the Arab world, it was a time of celebration and acknowledging all that mothers contribute to their children and society. In many households, gifts were given and flowers were bought. However, in one particular country, this day only intensified the grief of young children who did not have the privilege of sharing this special day with their loved ones. In Syria and in the hearts of Syrians everywhere, last Thursday brought about sorrow and sadness. Both Syrian children and mothers alike were reminded of the horrible moment where they were forced to watch their loved ones get brutally murdered by a heartless regime. While we continue our daily routines, families in Syria are being torn apart, and children are being left with nothing more than a memory of their mother’s love.

With Mother’s Day approaching here in the United States, and as I think of how much my mother means to me and what a blessing it is to be able to speak to her on a daily basis, I cannot forget about those who are sacrificing everything in the name of freedom. I cannot help but remember the children who will never again feel the warmth of their mother’s hug, a price they had to pay to ensure that one day, Syria will be free not only for them, but for me as well. They are paying the ultimate sacrifice so that I can one day visit my country again, and experience what it’s like to be in a Free Syria.