Fashion Spotlight: Pretty Pastels Please!

By Sara Haque

Easter is just around the corner! Make sure you wear clothes that scream pastel!Photo Credit Let'

Easter is just around the corner! Make sure you wear clothes that scream pastel!
Photo Credit Let’

According to the calendar, spring has arrived. I know it may look like death outside, and the frigid temperatures are making it so much worse. Though these sun-less days may call for head to toe black and gray, realize that spring is here, but it’s being a bit fashionably late temperature wise.

As we wait for the chirping birds, beautiful blossoming flowers and breezy winds, our closets can transform to reflect the springtime. Every time I go shopping, I cannot help but notice all of the pastel pretties hanging from the windows and stacked up on the racks. Pastels are a perfect and essential element for spring weather. There is just something about those soft and fragile colors that screams spring. Here are a few tips on how to wear these cool colors.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix pastel colors. There are many styles of bottoms and tops that are pastel, and combining the two is completely harmless. A coral top with a mint green skirt is a fun way to wear this look.

Tip: Try incorporating patterns. I am going to be completely honest, solids are boring. Tops that are patterned with polka dots, stripes or even birds not only bring attention to your outfit, but also add definition. Something about a bold pattern really catches one’s eye. And if you really want to make a statement, try a pastel bottom with a pattern. Whether it’s a mini, midi, maxi skirt, cute pants, capris or shorts, there are definitely many fun patterns to play with.

Tip: Wear statement jewelry. Sure these soft colors are very light and delicate, but adding chunky jewelry gives it a whole new dimension. From statement necklaces to bold bracelets and watches, adding statement jewelry gives some edge to the softness. Definitely stick with metallic jewelry such as silver, gold or rose gold to really make them stand out.

Tip: Pastels are not only for daytime. When the sun goes down we can’t help but pull out our little black dresses and black heels. But during the spring, pastels can be worn all day and night. If you’re going out try combining darker tones with pastels, try a pastel top with black leather skinny jeans, or with the weather we’re been having, a pastel colored dress with a leather jacket. Adding little hints of pastels works too, whether it’s a pastel clutch or shoes.