Editorial || Spring break: time to recharge

Spring break is so close we can almost taste it. A lot of us are drooling over the idea of being anywhere but here, getting out of Chicago to a warm, beachy paradise. Some of us are just looking forward to laying on the couch, watching movies, or picking up an extra shift at work. Whatever the case may be, we need to take advantage of this weeklong break from the insanity of school. The Candor encourages you to utilize this week to recharge your batteries so that you can endure the next couple of months before summer.

When midterm time rolls around, students seem to be burnt out. Summer is calling our names, and the stress of papers and exams seems to be getting too heavy to handle. It’s true that professors are beginning to increase the course-load and teach faster since finals week and summer are not too far away. That’s why it’s important that you do not procrastinate or fall behind. If you allow the coursework to overload your mind, you may find yourself having to play catch up when it’s time for finals week.

The way we see it, spring break is a little slice of heaven in between the agonizing schoolwork that the spring semester brings. The Candor encourages you to use this time to relax your mind and body, and rejuvenate your spirit. Take time next week to do things for yourself that make you happy. If you use this time to release your stress and unwind, the rest of the semester won’t seem so draining and grueling.

Although spring break is a much-welcomed break from the craziness that college always brings, remember that it’s only a week. When the time comes to return to BenU, business shall resume as usual, and that’s your time to be productive and on top of things. This way, you can finish out the school year strong.

The Candor wishes you a fun and relaxing spring break!