Fashion Spotlight: thrift shops

by Sara Haque, Staff Writer


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Source: let’

I’m gonna pop some tags but only got 20 dollars in ma pocket. Yeah, I just had to.

If you have been living under a rock the last few years, then you are probably missing the ultimate rise in thrift shopping. There has been a steady increase in charity shops/thrift stores all over the place.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, buying second hand clothing just seemed a little off for me. There is just something about going to a clothing store and buying new clothes that really makes one happy. After hearing about the craze from friends and family, I wanted to look into this trend, and from what I found out, thrift shopping has great benefits.

Shopping at thrift stores can potentially help fight against sweatshops. Working long hours, with little to barely any pay and small working areas, people go through this every day to make the clothes on our backs. The fact that most of the clothing sold in stores is made by people of third world countries whose working conditions are awful just disgusts me. Buying second hand can show your support against unfair work environments.

Along with that idea, second hand shopping is a great way to recycle. Yeah we were taught to recycle plastic and paper, but why not clothes? New clothes can damage the environment by using more natural resources, and by buying second hand you can do your part by helping the earth (I mean, we do live on it, it’s the least we can do).

One Saturday afternoon I decided to go to a local thrift shop to truly experience it first hand. I told myself I would not buy anything during this trip, but just to go to really absorb the environment. As I walked in, I was completely shocked. I had entered a land filled with clothes, shoes, coats, books, purses and jewelry. Racks and racks of all sorts of styles and colors, I was amazed. I found every decade of clothing, from super shiny leathers of the early 2000s, to funky colored windbreaker jackets of the 90s. So many different types of clothing that would definitely be considered on trend in 2013.

I can genuinely say that thrift shopping is a thrill. There is a whole new kind of excitement that emerges while looking through racks that is not felt while shopping at the usual clothing stores.