Dunk ‘n’ Donate

by Therese Porod, News Editor

Students of Benedictine University came together to play for a cause, donating their money and time to support organ donation through Donate Life America last Sunday afternoon in the Rice Center.

Sponsored by ResLife, with six Residence Assistants, and “It’s A Fridge Thing” company, the event was a huge success, raising $200 for Donate Life America.

“The event overall was a total success. Any more teams, I think it would have probably been more difficult to handle, so the event was perfect. We had a nice crowd watching as well, but everyone I talked to said that it was still fun, win or lose,” explained Alex Fridge, RA and senior at BenU.

Contestants in the basketball tournament warmed up within the first 15 minutes of arrival before battling it out in hopes of winning the grand prize of $100. Teams of two then played against each other, with six games being played at one time.

There were 18 teams total, each of which were willing and ready to show their talent while playing for a cause. Participants ranged from freshman to seniors.

“Even though we didn’t win it all, it’s a good feeling knowing that the money went to a good cause,” said Joey Frazee, sophomore and participant in the tournament.

Whether people were supportive of organ donation through playing basketball or coming to cheer on their friends, all attendees showed their Benedictine spirit.

“We were introduced to the charity by former Residence Assistant and senior at BenU, Samantha Jones. It seemed like an organization that was worth helping out, and she showed so much compassion toward it. It was easy for us to want to help the cause,” stated Fridge about how he found out about the charity, Donate Life America.

At the end of the night, the winners of the grand prize were Jamison Montgomery and Luke Johnson.

“It feels great because it was very competitive and fun, but knowing that it was all for charity just made it that much better. It gave more meaning to the games,” explained Montgomery.