A Visit from Dr. Cornwell: Running for a Cause

by Sandya George, Staff Writer

Dr. Cornwell of Cadence Health, who is the founder and Medical Director of HomeCare Physicians and has made over 30,000 house calls to homebound patients, shared his wonderful experiences with AMSA on Tuesday, February 26th at an AMSA meeting at Benedictine University.

The mission of house calls is to improve the quality of homebound patients and reduce the cost of hospitalization. Dr. Cornwell decided to make house calls because there is an increasing need for homebound patients.

One of the main reasons Dr. Cornwell came was to share his hard work with Benedictine University’s AMSA members. With many aspiring pre-medical students participating in the club, Dr. Cornwell was able to promote the idea of “helping others” and making a difference.

AMSA has been working with HomeCare physicians and helping them raise funds over the past four years. This year, AMSA is organizing a 5K run on Sunday, April 7th, 2013 to raise money for this organization. The race will be held at Benedictine University and all proceeds go to HomeCare Physicians. Early bird registration is $20 up until March 10. After that, registration will be $25. Registration can be done online at

Dr. Cornwell shared different patient stories and treatments he has done. He spoke about the first patient AMSA was able to financially support through the 5K run. She was a post-polio patient who took an eye exam and Dr. Cornwell diagnosed her as legally blind. When he looked into her eyes he only saw black. In a normal case, he explained that he should have seen red, which is caused from the light reflection of the retina. Dr. Cornwell was happy to say that he used a couple of thousand dollars that AMSA helped raise to remove the cataract and put in new lens for the patient. The once blind patient is now able to see!

Another quick story Dr. Cornwell shared was of a lady who was found in her apartment in the dark because her electricity bill went up by $25, and she could not pay for it because she had to pay for her oxygen. With the help of donations to HomeCare physicians, Dr. Cornwell was able to help pay for her electricity so she could safely maneuver around.

Dr. Cornwell and his practice is a great example for ambitious future physicians. He went out of the norm to go find homebound patients that were in need.

The registration money and donations received for the AMSA 5K Run are going towards a good cause. Dr. Cornwell is just one example of many who are outstanding physicians that run the extra mile for their patients.