by Sara Haque, Staff writer

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Source: Let’

I don’t know why, but black and white instantly reminds me of the 1950s television show I Love Lucy. I remember watching the show as a kid and seeing how even without color, the story was told. The character’s appearance had such definition that with just my imagination, I could see Lucy wearing dark red or plum lipstick. Even her hair could be any light color that I wanted it to be. We get a glimpse of this era, and just by watching, it’s as if we get taken into a different world.

One of the hottest trends of 2013 is black and white. Whether it’s clothing or accessories, these polar opposite colors are making a statement across runways.  From stripes, polka-dots, bold prints and color blocking, these colors can be easily fashioned. Here are a few tips to rock this chic trend:

Tip: Add definition. Since black and white are neutral colors, try incorporating patterns and textures to your outfit. Whether it’s a faux fur vest or a leather jacket, adding dimension is key. Also, try bold prints to add diversity to the outfit such as a polka dot top with solid black or white pants or checker-patterned pants with a solid top. Or, if you’re willing to make a fashion statement, try combining patterns for a funky, bold look.

Tip: Go casual. This trend isn’t just for runway models. There are many ways to achieve this style without spending big bucks. Department stores and clothing stores such as forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have great varieties of black and white clothing. Whether you’re stressing away at school or having a casual get together, this trend is simple. An oversize black and white sweater with black leggings is an effortless way to follow the trend.

Tip: Balance and proportion is key.  I say this for all new trends that emerge from the fashion world. Though there are many ways to wear these colors, keep the shape of your body in mind. Not only should you balance the colors, but also the garments. Flatter your best features because honestly, the best trend anyone can wear is confidence.