by Mariyium Abba, Staff Writer

No matter what race or religion (even if you have no religion) we, as humanity, are all taught the same things: kindness, equality, the importance of charity, respect, love and wishing the best for others. We often question why the world is in the situations it is in with all the calamities and tragic heartbreaks. We try to find answers. Some may ask, where is your GOD? But God may very well ask us, where are YOU?

Going to a school with so many dedicated students and faculty, I am literally amazed and proud of the activities my schoolmates execute and participate in. We are all blessed to go to such a generous and accepting school. Props to all the clubs on campus doing amazing things, you’re appreciated and your dedication is unmatched.

Thanks to BenU UNICEF, I was able to participate in one of these heartwarming events. After receiving their email about reserving a spot to volunteer, I decided to join BenU UNICEF and pack food at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). FMSC is a non-profit Christian organization on a mission to feed starving children around the world. FMSC worked with over 565,000 volunteers like us to package 124 million meals for children around the world last year.

Overall, I believe it was a great experience. With loud music and enthusiastic cheers every time a box was full, the two hours flew by. The volunteers at the organization were very helpful and clear on how they wanted things. With their detailed explanations and divisions of chores, packaging and cleanup was a breeze. I recommend you all to try it, you can visit to learn more.

Whether you want to save this gorgeous earth we live on or do what you can to help feed a child in need, just do your part. The blessings we have are immense. We have shelter, food, care, and an opportunity at such a wonderful education. With all these blessings comes a responsibility, to help those who are less fortunate.

So I write this article in honor of all my peers at this wonderful institution. Your hard work and dedication inspire me. Much love to those who find time in their hectic schedules to lend a helping hand. I also write this article in honor of students like me, who want to help but cannot find an outlet. Go explore! The opportunities are endless. We all need to learn that as much as a smile or a hug can change the world. Making someone new feel welcome, forgiving or even mending a friendship, is all charity. Start small and the rest will fall into place. I was once told that the ones with the biggest hearts belong to the most generous, not wealthy. When we give when we have nothing, we will give abundantly when we finally reach success. Peace and blessings to you all and God help all those children in need.