Starting the Semester Right

By  Kiran Munir, Staff Writer



Yes, it’s hard to believe we are back yet again for the start of a new, fifteen-week semester. A whole month of winter break just was not enough to be lazy and celebrate. Although we have this “returning-syndrome” after summer break as well, it is not as bad because summer break is longer, which motivates students to actually come back and see their friends after a long separation. On the contrary, winter break usually restricts us to the indoors, making us lazy. The holidays and all the fatty food consumption along with them only add to the problem. After a whole month of waking up in the middle of the day from a warm fuzzy bed it’s hard to give it all up in exchange for waking up early to a day filled with grinding lectures, activities, and homework.

To lessen the abrupt transition into the semester, look into not only spending your life savings on textbooks but also on other “school supplies.” Oh you know the supplies we were eager to buy in August before college hit: loose leaf paper, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, and much more. By going shopping for such school related items, you will not only ease yourself back into the study mode but will also help yourself stay organized during the semester. Organization is a key element to success.

Now that we are back in school, the nighttime activities which prevented us from sleeping early must be limited if we are to come to class on time. Break was all about having fun, but the semester demands we give our best to studies. In order to do well in classes,, students must obtain enough sleep to not only be on time but also be alert during the lecture.

This brings me to the topic of all-nighters. I know we are college students and sometimes it is inevitable to avoid an all-nighter due to all the other commitments in our lives; however, all-nighters do us no good. Work completed during an all-nighter is less than our best performance with sufficient sleep, not to mention the added adverse effects it has on our body. So moral of the story is: budget your time wisely during the day to complete all necessary work and studying and hit the bed early to ensure your body gets at least six to seven hours of sleep.

Lastly, nothing gets you more psychologically pumped than your own will power. Get pumped for this semester even if you are pulling the toughest course load to date; look at the positive side: after this semester is over you will be a stronger person because you will know your true determination got you to pull through. Also, think of the semester as fifteen weeks, and if it helps you, start crossing off the weeks as the go by. And remember, spring break is only eight weeks away.