South Beach Beatdown: 2013 BCS National Championship Game

By Billy Toohey

42-14 was the score. Nick Saban is the coach. Alabama is the school. Another dynasty is slowly emerging in college football, whether you like it or not. These are the results after Alabama whipped Notre Dame around in Florida this past Monday for the BCS National Title game this season.

The hype was there for over a month. This was the most talked about BCS National Title game in the history of the BCS. For the BCS they loved all of the attention and hype that surrounded two of the most glorious college football programs in the country, playing for a chance to win another national championship for their respective program. For one school it meant starting a new legacy that had been lost for a number of years, and for another school it meant the beginning of another dynasty in college football.

The game was what most people were hoping would not happen, another season where an SEC team shows its dominance by crushing the opponent on the biggest stage for college football. Alabama was the clear-cut better team from their opening drive. They ran and passed the ball with such precision and quickness that they made Notre Dame look like a pee wee team that had just started playing football the day before. Notre Dame couldn’t make plays on either side of the ball, and they were flat out over manned in the game. This was such a shocker to many people because before this game Notre Dame’s defense had been so dominant all season. Another thing Notre Dame did not have in the game against ‘Bama was the magic. They had this aura around them all season that you just felt that everything was falling into place for them at the most opportune times. Everything that could right for them went right for Notre Dame all season, however that aura/magic they had during the season obviously did not go with them to Miami.

Whatever the case may be, this was another exciting season for college football, and for Notre Dame. To not be ranked within the top 25 at the start of the season and make it to the national championship game with a 12-0 record and #1 ranking is very remarkable; and just shows the country that Notre Dame football is quickly coming back to its former national prominence. For Alabama, this just shows how dominant they are as a team, with their coaches and recruiters. Alabama will be back playing for national titles for many more years, and the only way they will stop playing for them is if their genius of a coach Nick Saban leaves for the NFL, and chances are that won’t happen considering how successful he was for that one season with the Dolphins before becoming coach of the Crimson Tide. Whatever university or college you cheer for, you like me, are counting down the days until spring practice and then until the regular season starts again. It’s only 8 months and 16 days until the first games of college football take place.