Financial Aid 101: Presentation gives high school graduates insight into scholarships and grants

By Tom Brown

Benedictine University hosted Financial Aid 101 on Saturday, January 12th in Krasa. Benedictine Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Thaddeus Paskert, gave information and helpful tips for students who are about to graduate high school and are preparing for college.

“The goal of Financial Aid 101 is to educate students who are about to graduate high school about the federal student aid, the free application for federal student aid, and the types of aid they can receive from the state and federal government,” stated Paskert.

In addition to learning about the types of government aids they can receive, the students were taught about how simple decisions affect the amount of financial aid they receive.

“Students make decisions all the time, such as adding or dropping classes, taking summer courses, or going to other schools for transfer classes that can impact the amount of aid they receive,” said Paskert.

The presentation also helped to alleviate confusion about the financial aid process with the beginning of a new semester.

“We try to answer many of the common questions in this presentation to save people from confusion in the process once classes start up. We also encourage students to stop in our office any time if they are confused about what type of aid they are receiving,” explained Paskert.

Although the 2013-2014 school year will not have any new state or federal grants, according to Paskert, there are still opportunities out there.

“We always encourage students to seek out Benedictine endowments as well as scholarships from outside sources,” said Paskert.