A New Year For Fashion

by Lauren Tabakhi

Every year has its major fashion fad. The year 2012 was marked with colored skinny jeans and sheer tops, but 2013 has brand new trends in store. This year, we can look forward to fabulous fashion and beauty styles, along with inspiring colors and fabrics that will shape our wardrobe for the months ahead.

Black and White: This spring, black and white is the new pastel; unlike the soft floral prints that tend to be associated with the warmer seasons, we can anticipate these two classic colors to make a statement this upcoming spring.

Bermudas: Remember a few years back when Bermuda shorts were totally in style? They’ve made a comeback for 2013 and have been seen on runways from Paris to New York. Not only are the Bermudas spring and summer casual wear, they’ve also found their place in business and formal ensembles.

Big and Bold: Large statement pieces are the anticipated fashion accessories of the year. Bulky, bold necklaces and huge cuff bracelets will definitely be 2013’s defining accessories.

Sassy Shoes: Footwear this year is more over-the-top than ever before. You’ll find fringe, feathers, beads, and straps—all on just one pair. Extravagant knee-length gladiator heels are this year’s out-of-the-ordinary fashion trend. I’d hesitate before investing in a pricy pair though; not only do they look extremely uncomfortable, I can’t imagine this style surviving beyond this spring.

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