Mark My Words: ND Back on Top

by Mark Rubel


It has been several years since Notre Dame Football has been the best team in the country, but on Saturday, November 24th, they finished an undefeated regular season by beating USC in California.

The Irish have now clinched a spot in the Bowl Championship National Championship game that will be held in Miami on January 7th.

Yes, Notre Dame has escaped a couple of close games, and people have described them as lucky and not deserving to win some of those games particularly the three overtime contest vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers.

However, Notre Dame is what they are and similar to the New York Yankees of baseball people  either love them or you hate them there is no in between.

Regardless of the fact of whether you like the Irish or not, credit needs to be given to this team.  Experts thought Notre Dame would be much better this year, but no one predicted this team to be in the BCS National Championship.

Notre Dame is one of, if not the best defense in the nation.  The defense is led by Senior Linebacker, Manti Te’o who is also a candidate for the Heisman Award.  Te’o is the heart and soul of this Notre Dame defense.

It seems as if Te’o  and the rest of the Notre Dame team is out on a mission and they are out to prove the critics wrong.  They will be ready for whoever they play on January 7th, in Miami.