For the love of leather

by Sarah Jaber





Yes, it is getting cold outside. While some go into hibernation mode and basically live in sweats, there is an alternative to winter style. One of the most popular trends of this season, actually this year, is leather. But it definitely seems this obsession is making a bigger hit during the colder days.

Leather gives an instant hint of rocker and edge to any look. The cat woman style is rubbing off on many, but with the color options of faux leather available in stores, softer looks can be pulled off effortlessly. The mix of soft and hard textures and patterns has been a big trend recently, and leather can add to that style. Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to rock this must have.

Leather pants have gotten a whole new image. Before, leather pants were worn by rocker dudes and awkward 90s dancers. But now any girl can pull them off in a casual or dressy way.

DO: Wear leather pants with an oversized sweater and flats for an easy rocker look. Match it up with a messy bun and a scarf around the neck.

DO: Combine leather pants with a textured top. For a laid back look, try an oversized wool sweater (especially during the colder days), and for a dressy look, try a lace top. By wearing a lace top with a collar you can balance the edgy-ness of the leather pants. Pair it with pumps, a solid blazer and simple jewelry for an easy formal look.

DON’T: The texture of the leather pants can be tricky. Go for a fitted matte style instead of the shiny faux leather. Shiny leather pants add on a glare, which may cause the legs to look wider, in other words, unwanted bulge. Stick with the pants with no shine so it does not distract from the rest of the outfit.

Leather jackets are everywhere. I’m not talking about the oversized ‘Achy Breaky heart’ jacket. I meant the super chic fitted biker jackets that can be found at basically every clothing store.

DO: With dark colored jackets, light colored tops such as, pale pink and white, add contrast to the outfit. So if you want to wear a pastel colored top, finish it off with a dark gray, brown or black jacket.

DO: Light colored faux leather jackets are a big trend. Colors such as pastel pink and tiffany’s blue add a pop of color especially during the winter darkness. But with a bright color like that, stick with neutral colors to balance the entire outfit.

DON’T: I know faux leather is exciting, but please do not overdo it. Clashing leather boots, with pants and a jacket is just asking to look like a mess. Remember, your outfit should have a balance, so you look well put together.

I definitely recommend giving leather a try because anyone can pull it off. Give it a try before the trend fades. Actually, who knows, maybe faux leather may become an iconic fashion piece.