End the Conflict: Establishing Justice and Peace between Palestine and Israel

by Hashim Arain and Mahira Musani, Staff Writers

It was recently reported that the Israeli military had attacked yet again in the city of Gaza. Gaza is a Palestinian city that has been the subject of a harsh debate over land in the long conflict between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians because of either side claiming Palestine as their own land. Most of the time people cite history saying that their people settled there first, and that has been the sticking point in the ongoing conflict between these two countries. There have been numerous wars over Gaza and Palestine in general, and there has been sporadic fighting for a long time over this piece of land. Since then, a cease fire was announced between both sides on Wednesday.

According to CNN, the latest round of violence started when the Israeli military fired a rocket to Gaza, and killed one of the military leaders of Hamas, which is the current political party that is ruling the city of Gaza. Hamas reacted immediately by firing rockets of their own, and the conflict started from there. The Israeli military called up troops for back up just in case the violence was to escalate further. This latest conflict went on a little over seven days, with both countries firing rockets from sun up, to sun down.

The impact of this conflict has concerned the international community around the world. Most of the Muslim countries condemn the acts of violence made by Israelis to Palestinians, and vice versa to the countries that support Israel, the most notable being the US. The major player that was mediating negotiations between Israel and Hamas was Egypt. According to the Los Angeles Times, the new Egyptian government has been a key role in negotiating a cease fire between the two sides, and they ultimately succeeded in that goal.

We think that this conflict has gone all way too long, and is making citizens on both sides weary of the fighting that has gone on over the years. Both Israel and Hamas are to blame for the fighting that has been happening, we realize that people on both sides of this issue think that the side opposite to them is to blame, but both sides need to take the heat. Quite a number of people have died from these violent actions, some of them being civilian deaths.

There has also been a flurry of propaganda, from both sides, attacking the other side, confusing people around the world and quite frankly, giving a bad name to everyone involved. The constant stream of criticism and negative commentary has gone way too far, and far from helping anyone, is simply stirring things up and causing more violence. There were issues that the Palestinians had with the original treaty, and Israelis believing that the Palestinians were being unreasonable. On the other hand, the Palestinians believe that the Israelis do not have a right to the land that both sides believe to be holy. It’s time that both sides sit down and hash out a plan that is satisfactory for both, the Israelis and the Palestinians, with no one else involved and no injustice on either side. It’s time that it is understood that both sides have lost a lot of people and shed way too much blood, and it’s time that the cease-fire moves on to a full-scale treaty that both sides can live with happily.

Many who have been following this issue for a long time may be pessimistic to that happening. Now is a better time for that happening, the Israeli- Palestine issue is a conflict that has a long and complicated past, but now could be the time to finally end it. It should not take any more death, bloodshed, or injustice for anyone involved to understand that enough is enough. There needs to be peace. Different religious groups have proven that it is very possible to live side by side in peace and camaraderie through history. Why should this be any different?