Effects of music on shopping

by Tarik Hrvo




The semester is winding down and winter break is right around the corner. With that, comes holidays like the New Years and Christmas. Neighborhoods have already started to put their Christmas lights up and bring in their Christmas trees. Everyone is looking forward to watching “ A Christmas Story”, cuddling up in a warm blanket and sipping on some eggnog. Don’t forget the Christmas music either, as it is one of the most enjoyed parts of the season. There is so much going on during the Christmas season. For those who celebrate, it’s probably time to start looking for some Christmas presents for your loved ones. As most of you look to shop during your break, be careful where you shop. To the surprise of many, some stores will try to play types of music that will trick you into buying stuff you wouldn’t usually buy. They also can trick you into buying more than you expected to buy when you first walked in.

Numerous studies have shown that the music played at stores has a significant effect on your shopping. They show that consumers do not stay too long in stores that play loud music. Although, they didn’t stay in the store very long, it was shown that the sales per minute were much higher in these types of stores. This means that the consumers were more likely to buy more items and in a shorter period when the music was loud. The type of music played also has an effect on your behavior. Slow music played in stores results in slower traffic, so it makes people shop longer and potentially want to buy more stuff.  On the other hand, faster music will shift you into high gear and rush you to buy things you haven’t put much thought into.

The moral of the story is stores know that you are most likely in a hurry anyway, and so they will play music to get you in and out of their store before you can even think what you just bought. Tactics like these have resulted in many people shopping online nowadays. Everyone should consider doing this as it is quicker and you won’t feel rushed or manipulated into buying stuff you don’t want to!