UNICEF Bake Sale for Syria

By Farwah Rizvi

UNICEF club members, and Winnie the Pooh, sell cupcakes to help raise money for Syria relief.
Photo By Sarah Jaber

Flavorful cupcakes were sold between November 26th and November 27th at the UNICEF bake sale. Red Velvet, lemon, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were sold to students to support children affected by the conflict in Syria.

“Around 1 million children are affected by the conflict inside Syria, and more than 100,000 Syrian children have been displaced to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. The crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic has escalated significantly in 2012 and is currently in its 17th month,” said Thuy-Vu Do, president of the UNICEF club. “We made a total of $238.16 and 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF’s emergency response to Syria,” Thuy-Vu Do continued to explain.

A couple ways that UNICEF is supporting the children whose lives have been affected by the conflict are by appealing for $54 million USD to cover the emergency needs of Syrian refugees sheltering in Za’atari camp and surrounding communities in Jordan.

UNICEF is leading the emergency water and sanitation response, trucking in enough water to provide 50 liters per person a day. With new families continuing to swell the camp population, UNICEF is constructing a well as a more sustainable water source. The installation of new toilets, showers and taps in the camp is also underway.

UNICEF partnered with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to immunize children under five, many of whom will have missed routine vaccinations due to the violence in Syria. UNICEF is working with partners to establish a regular vaccination program at the camp.

“The cupcakes are so delicious; I really liked the lemon one,” said Mohammad Mirza. “I also feel happy that I am supporting an excellent cause,” he added.