Getting back into the school groove

by Kiran Munir


Hard to believe college is back in session; feels like it was only yesterday that we we’re taking our finals and finally having the bliss of sleeping half the day away. Gone are the times when a typical day consisted of shopping, going to the beach, traveling, or just going to a late night movie. Now it consists of compiling items into the backpack for classes that day, attending lectures, participating in extra-curricular activities and then doing hours of homework. If one does not conform to the school mode soon enough, downfall may come fast and early in the semester.  Well, fear not, here are some techniques if adhered to will ensure success.

First and foremost to be on top of things, record all assignments down on a planner. The planner will remind you which assignment is due when and it will also help you prioritize your homework load. Besides homework, the planner is great for mapping the dates for papers, quizzes, tests, midterms, finals, and extracurricular activities.  After writing down the items, make sure to visit your planner throughout the day (especially when doing homework).

Second, to enhance your motivation to complete all the homework and studying for exams-find a study buddy. Research has proven that a person looses more weight when running with an exercise partner than not. Likewise, having an actual student who is present will motivate you during those moments when you want to shut the book and call it a day. Having a study buddy will improve your academic endurance; thus grades will be better and success imminent.

Third, go post-it note shopping. Color code tasks, such as purple is laundry, green is school related, red is medical needs, blue is grocery, and so on. No matter how organized a person is, something he’ll slip by on any given day. A great way to overcome disorganization is to use post-it notes on a board or the back of your room’s door to remind you. Besides reminding you, color can spice up your environment.

Fourth, make sure that studying is spaced out and not crammed out the night before. Studying a little bit a week before an exam will not only help you achieve a good grade on the exam but the information will be retained for a longer time (very useful for finals). Take one day at a time, picking at a big pile of information to be memorized is difficult and rarely efficient.

Finally, seek help early if you are struggling with a class. The Student Success Center is here to help students excel in classes by providing numerous tutors in each subject. The tutors have already taken the class you might be struggling with and can help you get through the course successfully.  But help must be sought early; it will not do you any good if you go when 2 weeks are left before finals and your grade is not what you want it to be.

It’s always difficult transitioning back into the work that the new school year brings, but with a positive attitude and organization, you’ll get back into the college groove in no-time.