Improvements Have Athletics on Right Track

by Tom Brown



This summer Benedictine University made many improvements for their student athletes that will be tested for the first time this fall.

The biggest project of the summer was installing a new performance enhancing AstroTurf in the Benedictine Sports Complex.

“The new turf is major benefit to all of our programs,” said BenU director of athletics Mark McHorney. It is a great practice facility that is safe, visually appealing and good for athletics as a whole.”

In addition to the new turf, fall sports will also get the benefit of using the new Athletic Training room for a full season.

The training center which opened in October of 2011 was only available at the tail end of the 2011 fall sports season.

“I am very excited to have the training room available for the whole season,” said senior cross country runner Jason Hantak. “It has all the necessary elements that I need to be a successful runner.”

In addition to the state of the art facility and materials, there will also be a hydrotherapy pool providing both hot and cold pools for student athletes opening in the coming weeks.


McHorney believes that in addition to the benefits the new training room provides for performance there is also an element of safety that is provided. “Health welfare and safety is in front of every decision we make, said McHorney. “I think this new center provides that and a lot more.”

Furthermore, BenU athletics has also sought to help athletes with their academics by establishing Student Athlete Services, an initiative used to direct and assist BenU student athletes in academics as well as finding a job after they graduate. McHorney believes that this will be very beneficial to the student athletes.

“This is an initiative to ensure campus-wide success of our student athletes in which they instill our core values,” said McHorney. “We have been very proud of our student athletes in the past and we want to maintain and improve on that.”