Benedictine’s Library gets a New Design

by Aaron Youngblood


The summer break offered a lot of changes to Benedictine’s main campus. One of the changes to be most utilized by all students is the new layout and design of the library.

Once located in Kindlon on floors two through five, the library has now moved to the lower level and the second and third floors of Kindlon. The library elevator that once only serviced the second through fifth floors is now accessible from the lower level, first, second and third floors.

According to Dr. William Carroll, university president, the fourth floor will become the chapel and the fifth floor will become a learning center.

“The library is an experiment. Let’s see how it is actually used and then we will go from there,” said Carroll.

The circulation desk and all books are located on the lower level. The second floor now features a communal gathering space known as the Interactive Zone. The third floor is the Resource Area where students may utilize the quiet space to study, use computers, or speak with library staff members for research help. The third floor is also the new home to the IT help desk.


“The majority of [library] services will be on the lower level and third floors. It is almost like we have two separate libraries. The lower level is where you can get books, pick up reserve items, and view archives and the third floor is where you can come to get help from various staff members located there,” said Kent Carrico, the instruction and off-campus services librarian.

Although the layout of the library has been determined and manifested, it has been left to students how to get the most out of what library has to offer.

“We are all working through this together. It is up to the students to discover and explore and determine how to use the library,” said Carrico.

The lower level, in addition to housing the circulation desk, also has new classrooms and group study rooms in the area to foster more student engagement in learning.

“The classrooms are [also] four experiments. We want to see whether or not their design is effective in learning and teaching.” said Carroll.

Carrico has high hopes for the new layout and design of the library.

“I think it will enhance student life. [Students] will all be impressed and excited. I think the new library has a positive impact on the university. We hope that this [new design] will motivate students to use key places of the library for academic empowerment,” said Carrico,

Students seem to be impressed by the new design of the library.

“I think the new library looks great. It has definitely been updated to the 21st century. I could see myself using the space to actually study and do class work unlike before when it was usually overcrowded and loud,” said Michael Brown, senior.

Due to its split design, the operating hours of the library have also changed.