Benedictine to offer classes in Mesa, Az. beginning August 2013

by Aaron Youngblood


At the beginning of summer, Benedictine University received an invitation from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to open a branch campus in the diocese. Benedictine accepted the invitation and is making preparations to begin offering classes at a new campus in Mesa, Arizona.

“Arizona is full of Catholics and [currently] no Catholic universities,” said Dr. William Carroll, university president.

The new campus is part of Benedictine’s efforts to keep tuition cost low.

“Our goal is to have multiple revenue sources so that when one area may be down other areas are up. We are keeping the income flow coming without drastically increasing tuition costs,” said Carroll.

“We are trying to keep the main campus sharp and state-of-the-art. Also, taking the Benedictine brand and truly become an international university,” Carroll continued.

With programs across the state and around the world, the campus located in Mesa is to continually spread Benedictine tradition on the West Coast.

“It opens up the whole West Coast for Benedictine University. Students [on the West Coast] who may not want to come to Chicago may be only a couple of hours from Mesa,” said Carroll.

“I think it is great to see Benedictine branching out and spreading its tradition,” said Naomi Chandler, a senior.

There will be some faculty members transferring to or working closely with the Mesa campus. Dr. Mick Carroll, Dean of the Moser Center, will become dean of the new campus and Dr. Charles Gregory, university executive vice president, will be responsible for hiring new people for the campus.

“We will send some faculty out there because we don’t want there to be a whole new staff. We want to transplant the Benedictine character the best way to do that is to take people who have lived and breathed it for many years and put them in the new facility. Mick Carroll has lived and breathed it and will help instill that character at the new campus,” said Dr. William Carroll.