Ben U drops two Preseason Games

By Tom Brown

The Benedictine University Eagles lost their first two preseason games this week, losing 2-0 to Judson University on August 21st and 3-0 to Joliet Junior College on August 23rd.

Despite their losses, the Eagles felt confident in their play in both games and believe that they will still have a successful regular season.

“I thought we actually played very well,” said sophomore left wing Hector Valencia. “I think we made a few stupid mistakes and if we correct those then we should be in good shape.”

In addition to the stupid mistakes, first year head Coach Rick Nassif was still experimenting with different lineups. “I think once we find good groups we will get comfortable playing with each other and play feed off each other very well,” said Valencia.

After the conclusion of the preseason, the Eagles will travel to New York for a tournament. The players are very excited for the trip and believe it will help them to grow as a team.

“I think that this trip will give us the opportunity to come together very well and learn how to play as one,” Valencia said.

The Eagles will begin regular season play September 5th when they travel to Lake Forrest College for a 5:00 p.m. game.