By Aaron Youngblood


On Thursday, April 12, University police were dispatched to Kindlon Hall of Learning to help settle a dispute between a professor and students.

“The incident was a verbal dispute between a faculty member and a student over classroom usage,” said Chief of Police, Michael Salatino.

The faculty member, Temple Tsenes-Hills, an adjunct professor, and Omar Ali, president of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) were the parties involved in the verbal confrontation. According to both parties, the confrontation began because an SJP event ran close to the end of their limited time usage of the classroom.

Tsenes-Hills and SJP currently disagree on the succeeding details of the situation, but the tension did escalate to the point where Tsenes-Hills felt it was necessary for her to leave the class and retrieve the help of another faculty member.

“I felt threatened. I was scared,” said Tsenes-Hills. “I grabbed my purse and left.”

“It was not my intention to threaten her and I would like to apologize to her,” said Ali.

Due to an ongoing investigation, Salatino was unable to discuss exact details of the incident. However, according to Salatino, the BenU police department has determined the situation was not a criminal matter.

“Just as students and faculty member have disputes about grades or philosophical conversations, there was no criminality involved in this incident,” said Salatino. “However, the matter was referred to Student Life.”