Cobra Starship shines at BenU

By: Therese Porod

The Rice Center was roaring with fans on Saturday, April 28 as Cobra Starship completed their tour by performing at Benedictine University as the starring act for the BenBash.

“Ben Bash 2012 was a wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate BenU’s seniors. The Alumni Association was thrilled to sponsor this event with KISS 103.5FM. We are excited to add the upcoming grads to the already successful Alumni family, we know they will fit in perfectly,” said Kavita Athanikar, President of the Alumni Board.

Fans of Cobra Starship began lining up in anticipation of the concert as early as 10:00 AM. People were busily working, especially this week, in preparation and to make sure BenBash was a huge success, which it was.  After a long flight from Tampa, Cobra Starship made their long-awaited arrival to BenU in the afternoon and prepared themselves for their performance later that night.

To kick off the event, 103.5 KISS FM hosted a pre-party outside the gym, which began at 5:00 PM, in order to get fans excited. Before the band performed, BenU student Noel Duckworth was the DJ and set the mood to prepare the crowd for the band.

Special K, who hosted the KISS FM pre-party, got the crowd pumped up and excited. Kavita Athanikar, President of the Alumni Board, then introduced the band to its many fans who awaited their arrival. Cobra Starship lit up the stage with their talent beginning a little after 8:00 PM.

Cobra’s opening song was one of their pop hits, “Good Girls Go Bad,” which moved the crowd to their feet. The band continued playing songs throughout the night, including some of their newest songs. The night concluded with the grand finale of their most popular song, “You Make Me Feel.”

Gabe Saporta, the lead singer of the band, gave some advice to the crowd, which was, “If you follow your heart, you’ll always win too.” This is because he followed his dream of singing in a band and touring, which came true.

Deb Smith, Director of University events, considers the event a success.

“If you missed Saturday night’s Cobra Starship concert you missed a really great time! The crowd stood in front of the stage and was wowed by Gabe and the rest of Cobra Starship. Don’t miss out on the next event – August 25 for BenFest. We are currently working on securing a band for this date and are hoping to make an announcement very soon. Even if you will have graduated by then – come back and enjoy the Alumni Picnic and welcome our new students into the Benedictine community,” she explained.