On April 29th at 1:49 A.M., University Police were patrolling Founder’s Woods when they observed a large party ranging from 40 to 50 people in Thomas Hall. As the party was breaking up, one student struck another student in the face. This then started a chain of events to a near riot situation in the courtyard of Founder’s, where one police officer was assaulted by the crowd. The original student that committed the battery was arrested at that time. While in custody, another student came by and struck the hand-cuffed student in the face; that student was then also arrested. The Lisle Police Department and DuPage County Sherriff’s Police were then called to assist the Benedictine Police. At that point, the crowd was dispersed, and everything was back under control. The student who was handcuffed and struck was taken to Edward’s Hospital. A total of two students were arrested and criminally charged for battery and resisting police.

On April 23rd at 8:30 P.M. and April 25th at 9:06 P.M., several small fires were set around the Benedictine cemetery. Wooden pallets, equipment, and other depree were set ablaze. Lilse/Woodridge fire department was summoned to put out the fires. A subsequent investigation revealed a Benedictine student who was responsible for the fires. The University Police filed an involuntarily psychiatric admittance order towards the student. The student was then taken to Edward’s hospital for observation. The student has subsequently withdrawn from Benedictine University.

On April 28th at 5:00 A.M., a female student reported to the Benedictine Police that she had been accosted some minutes earlier as she was walking down Yackley at Ohio. She reported that a male came out of a wooded area and pushed to the ground. When she resisted, the suspect struck her face and fled. At the time of the report, the student refused medical attention. The Lisle Police were called since the event happened in their jurisdiction. All University Resources were made available to the student.

On April 26th at 1:30 A.M., University Police responded to Birck Hall due to a dispute between a faculty member and a student employee. The dispute was a result of the student being terminated, at which time, the student responded by cursing at the faculty member and throwing the Museum keys in the faculty member’s direction. The matter was referred to Student Life for further review.

On April 26th at 12:00 P.M., University Police became aware of a battery that occurred on April 22nd at approximately 2:00 A.M. in Ondrak Hall. The result of that investigation identified the offender who had struck another student in the face. The offending student was referred to the university’s Early Alert Team for intervention. The matter is being reviewed by Residence Life.

On April 26th at 4:45 P.M., a resident student of Ondrak reported that his room had been entered and numerous items of value had been removed approximately two hours earlier. Subsequent investigation revealed three students who were responsible for the theft. They were each issued $300.00 citations, removed from residence facilities. The matter continues to be reviewed by Student Life for further sanctions.